We specialize in setting up complex environments with API or XML connections. From landing to check-out and payment gateways


Worldwide servers, 99.9% uptime guarantee and super fast. Content delivery network and SSL. Protected against hackers


Our talented back-end, front-end, full stack developers and it-professionals are ready to ship your project

Tools of the trade

Ciloo tries to lead by example, we firmly believe in trust and responsibility. We do not have an office and work with distributed teams, now in three countries and growing. We work asynchronous  and are convinced that a better work and life balance improves results.

We have experienced first hand that companies always tell their customers how things are impossible or extremely completed. We believe in simplicity and possibility. So “everything is possible” became our motto.

Our philosophy is to imagine that our company’s real product is client testimonials. With that mindset, everything we do becomes a means to that end. Our service exists merely to delight clients and get amazing results for them.

“Our job is to make change. Our job is to connect to people, to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them…” ~ Seth Godin

Modern workplace

We provide software solutions for (remote) teams, increasing productivity and ending ’email culture’. We are active in three countries and love to share our succes story.


WordPress’ code doesn’t hold any secrets to us, just pleasant surprises. We live and breath WordPress. For e-commerce purposes we use Woocommerce.


Payment Gateways

Our payment gateway services enable your customers worldwide to pay for products and services in the most convenient way. We also support recurring payments.


Our clients operate in hyper competitive industries, automation creates a critical advantage. Our developers build to scale.

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